February 25, 2017

Is your vehicle not starting up due to battery problems? If so then you’ll need to take steps to jump-start your vehicle. The key is to know what to do and what not to do, to get the best results see also at Power Genix Systems. Here are some helpful tips for achieving the best results:


  1. Switch off lights/power-draining functions

Some examples include the interior lights and stereo. This will help to reduce the strain on the donor battery. In turn, that will boost the functionality of the car/truck.


  1. Switch off lights

Make sure to take this action and also power-draining functions such as interior lights and stereo. This will help to reduce the strain from the donor battery.


  1. Make sure the ignition is turned to the OFF position on both of the vehicles.

This will help to avoid any electrical issues that you’d like to avoid like the plague. This will help to avoid situations that could result in lower car functionality.


  1. Don’t let the two vehicles touch

This will help to prevent unwanted electrical issues that could be an unwanted surprise for you if you’re trying to jump-start your vehicle. This is a basic yet very critical step to take when trying to jump-start your vehicle.


  1. Remove all vent caps on batteries that aren’t maintenance-free

Be cautious of battery acid since it’s very corrosive. This will help to protect anyone around the units.


  1. Check the donor battery

Make sure that it has the same voltage as the flat battery. This will help to boost the efficiency of the battery, which will, in turn, improve the overall efficiency of the device.


  1. Put both cars in Neutral/Park

You should take this step and also make sure that the hand break has been switched on. This will help to eliminated issues related to the vehicle getting out of control. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid.


These are some of the top tips to avoid if you want to avoid 2 Power Genix Systems issues.