February 25, 2017

How can you buy the best xlr cable? It can seem tough at first, and the number of different choices you have can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? One of the keys when shopping for audio cables is to know the various types that are on the market. That in turn will help you to sort through them and make the best choice. Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Patch Cables

These describe cables that connect different components. They’re usually short. They could be used inside a PA recording studio by linking the system to inter-connect gear, or linking multiple effects pedals in one chain.

There are also balanced/unbalanced cables. The type is based on the cables’ function and can have different types of connectors. That includes XLR.

  1. Analog Connectors

XLR connectors can be connected to these cables. This is one type among other including TRS.

  1. Microphone Cables

Mic cables are one of the most common types of audio cables. If you want to buy the best xlr cableit’s important to know about it. Mic cables are balanced cables and are shielded. On one end they usually have a XLR male connector. Meanwhile, on the other end there’s usually an LXR female connector.

Some microphone cable contain a USB connector,  mini plug or  TRS on the other end. That’s for plugging it directly into a sound card for computers or digital recording device (DAW). A mic cable isn’t just used to connecting a  mic to a sound system.

Microphone cables are also used as long balanced patch cables. For example, they’re used for linking a mixing board with powered speakers. In addition they can also be used for connections between a mixing console and instrument, and for lighting effects. That’s with DMX control controls.